This morning’s first tutoring session started with coefficients, terms, and exponents. It ended with us improving our Aliquot sequence script so that it could find the 121st sum for 276 (19,140,499,834,691,254,267,668 – or nineteen sextillion, one hundred forty quintillion, four hundred ninety-nine quadrillion, eight hundred thirty-four trillion, six hundred ninety-one billion, two hundred fifty-four million, two hundred sixty-seven thousand, six hundred sixty-eight)
We also talked about how we could crowd-source the effort, played with pypy, and talked about a few approaches to writing fun EV3 software.

Update: The 129th sum is 553,006,807,242,922,594,628,276

Update after another 2 days of cranking we’re at Sum 139: 1,590,495,621,615,121,371,199,252

Note: I haven’t posted on math tutoring lately because much of it has been that magical combination of deep, complicated and awesome that makes it hard to sum it up pithily. I will be blogging them soon though.