So, there’s this thing where I come up with cool ideas for how to change the world, but then feel they have to be perfect before I launch them, which inevitably leads to burn-out without the project coming to fruition.

I’m working to break that pattern, and ironically, got stuck in a loop wanting to make the perfect announcement around that. Tonight’s for busting log-jams, and inviting folks to play!

In June I intimated that I had a new work project that I’d be revealing, and haven’t blogged since. What I have done is a lot of brainstorming, mapping, meeting and testing. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with some breathtakingly cool people, and have embarked solidly on the next chapter of how I want to do some good in the world.

So, let me introduce Banging Rocks.

The basic idea behind Banging Rocks is simple:

  • Use Virtual Reality, Video Games, and Gameful Design to make the world better.
  • Do it by partnering with the people and organizations I’m inspired by around creative, innovative projects.
  • Do it in an “Ish” way – with a sense of play and experimentation, and a joy in things that are innovative rather than polished.
  • In the process, create a new way of collaborating with people that’s equitable, fun, easy, and powerful.

My core partner in crime has been Claire Roberts. Together with a slowly gathering guild of folks with similar interests and complementary skills we’ve been exploring the potential methods, topics, technologies and projects that speak to us, and growing a small but extraordinary network of folks to work with.

Over the next while I’ll be sharing a bit more about what we’re doing and how. In the process I’ll be working to break down my perfectionist streak, and start letting more cool stuff out into the world.

For now: Here’s our new website in seed form:

I’ll blog there soon about our work, and continue to blog here about the non-VR / Video Game related stuff.