There’s a pattern in my life where I’ll have an explosion of different and highly varied interests, ideas and projects, and will throw myself into them fully. Some fade into the background, others deepen and ramify.

Then, every few years, there’ll be a burst of insight and synthesis, where areas that seemed totally unrelated come together and their interplay and synthesis becomes crystal clear – sometimes it’s like I’ve been listening to the separate instruments in a symphony without realizing the whole and the beauty, potency and import of that symphony comes crashing in.

Recently, this happened again. I looked at the “separate” aspects of my life, my work, my volunteering, my study and my play and saw the shadows of a coherent whole.

This brought a clarity: I thrive when working deeply and creatively with others with the aim of understanding the world better and ourselves and making both better. Motivating that is a wide eyed wonder at the universe combined with a gut-thrumming sense of our potential and of the pivotal and razor’s edge time that we live in.

This work has three main modes:

  1. I often work with others on their projects or passions. I enjoy diving in, seeing where my insights and abilities can help and helping move things forward.
  2. I love co-creating and developing: art, software, businesses, events and more.
  3. I have a range of projects of my own that I enjoy sharing with others, and which move forward best when I have people to either discuss them with or active contributors.

I’ve realized that in order to play with these modes with more intention and in new ways, I need to name what it is I’m doing, put it out there, describe the inner life behind what I’m working on and at the same time actively seek opportunities to play in new ways with new people.

My wife Aimée has an eerie ability to put a name to things as yet unnamed, and when I asked her to help me come up with a title for the work that I want to do she dug and found “Collaborative Catalyst”.

So: this post is preamble and invitation. I’m launching my new website at www. where I’ll be blogging regularly about my own process and projects, on the themes I find myself engaged with, and on topics for those engaged in the same domains OR with a desire to collaborate on inspired work (whether theirs, co-created, or that others have already started).