My vision is a world where people’s learning styles, interests, capabilities, needs and trajectory are used to create individualized learning experiences which meet a combination of standardized learning objectives and objectives specific to that person.

In my experience, education is at its best when it is experiential, interdisciplinary, interest-based, and self-guided. A combination of hands-on tinkering, Socratic method, opportunities to meet in situ with relevant experts, and an emphasis on fun and wonder round this out.


My exploration of course development has a few key components:

Adult Education
As a facilitation trainer and leader of workshops in areas of my own interest, I create trainings customized based on content and audience, ranging from an hour or two to 2 or 3 full days.

My tutoring work with gifted children provides an exciting opportunity to create totally customized course work for individuals. At times this is geared to meet curricular needs like passing a math course, but at other times it’s created solely to help someone recognize and deepen their own interests.

BC’s New Curriculum
Starting in September 2017 I’ll be working with my son to create a Grade 2 experience customized to his needs, gifts, and interests while covering all necessary material in BC’s New Curriculum. I’ll be documenting our adventures, and hope to use this as a starting point to work with others who are developing individualized courses.