One of the best parts of this upcoming year is getting to work with Ellison through his Grade 2 curriculum. I’ll be taking everything I know about him, about the topics we’re covering, and about education, learning more about each along the way, then turning that into courses designed to be experiential, engaging, multi-disciplinary, and geared towards self-direction and discovery.

Because I’m a tremendous eduNerd, each week I’ll be blogging on an aspect of what we’re doing, and adding related resources to this site. I’ll work to explicitly tie in the pedagogy at play, and reference the elements of BC’s New Curriculum that I’m weaving together in each case.

It’s going to be an adventure seeing how extraordinary we can make the year. My goal is to help build a lifelong love of self-directed learning and an excitement about the boundaries of human knowledge, working on a healthy skepticism and ability to dissect theories and beliefs, and nurturing his prodigious curiosity and capacity to make connections.

This week, I’ll be sharing a thought-experiment approach I’ve been trying for teaching various areas of science (starting with earth science) starting from the simplest possible world and building up from there.

I look forward to your questions, ideas, and potential collaborations along the way!