Are you a starting LAMP developer interested in making the world a better place in a small, flexible, passionate team? Interested in a reliable small contract that can grow?

I want to build a small team and a positive work environment to expand the work I’m currently able to take on.

Who you are:
– A reliable, motivated programmer interested in learning new technologies, gaining skills & experience.

What you’ll do:
– PHP / MySQL development including work with WordPress, MediaWiki and a range of custom code.
– A range of other tasks ranging from data entry to server management, depending on your skillset.
– Start by working 4+ hours a month

What you’ll get:
– A fair wage based on your experience and skillset
– Flexibility and the ability to work from home
– Opportunities to learn on the job
– A fun, positive and growth-filled work environment
– An opportunity to have a positive impact in the world

I want to create a team that emphasizes opportunity for great people who don’t often get a fair shake. I’m interested in working with people frequently marginalized particularly in the tech industry: First Nations, Refugees, Women, those whose orientation, gender identity, or other factors frequently prevent them from getting work they are qualified for.