If you’ve had a child in school, changes are you’ve had some kind of involvement with the school PAC or been to events sponsored by it. As of September I’ll be starting my third year involved in the world of PACs, and am going to be starting a PAC blog series for a few reasons:

  1. In my experience so far, PACs are often a powderkeg of potentiality: the power that a small group of parents can have when working together well for the right reasons to transform and enhance the school experience for everyone is extraordinary. And the benefits in the lives of you and your child(ren) are so strong.
  2. There’s loads of pitfalls of different kinds along the way, and many of them are easily avoidable.
  3. I’ve found that some of my experience from project management, facilitation, organizational systems design, conflict resolution & group dynamics are pretty applicable.
  4. PACs are such a rich playground for working on collaboration. You have a group of people from varied backgrounds with different gifts and different levels of familiarity working on teams of this sort, and that leads to all sorts of interesting situations and dynamics to explore.


So, I’ll be blogging on all things PAC including:

  1. Useful facilitative skills PACs can benefit from
  2. PACing with Vision
  3. Building Team, Culture, and a sustainable plan for a PAC
  4. Best practices to help PACs have a strong, positive impact on their school.
  5. My own perspective and experience on the three levels of PAC organization (PAC, DPAC, BCCPAC) and how they do, can, and could work together.
  6. I’ll be starting this upcoming week, looking at my own ideas on what a PAC can and should be, and a few top tips on how to get there.

If there’s a topic surrounding all things PAC that you’d like to see, let me know!