Parent Advisory Councils

I’m fascinated by the way that parent organizations form an emergent democratic culture in education: from the class level up through the school, district and province. With my boys entering public school now, I’ve chosen to dive in and both learn what parent organizations are at present, learn from those making them extraordinary, and share my own vision and skills to help improve them where I can. I’m currently involved in three scales of PAC organization:

PAC: I’m going into my third year of sitting on a PAC, and am thrilled to be working with a creative, engaged team this upcoming year at Langley Fine Arts School as DPAC Rep.

DPAC: DPAC is the district level organization for PACs in British Columbia. I’ve just transitioned from a year as DPAC Member at Large to Secretary for the DPAC for District 35 (Langley). It’s been extraordinary, and I feel fortunate to be working with the team that’s come together.

BCCPAC: At the Province level, DPACs and PACs function as members of BCCPAC. I’ve been participating as a delegate at the BCCPAC Conferences and AGMs, and this year am working with the BCCPAC to update some resources of use to the members, and as a member of the Inclusive Education committee.