Today’s second Tutoring we did a quiz on ratios, proportions, and fractions.

We also had a good discussion around our experiences so far in Fallout IV, which led to using a hypothetical attack by a Yao Guai in an open field as an entry point to discussing the factors that make up problem spaces and how those factors (and their details) shape strategy formation and the strategies themselves.

We then invented the best game ever that I want to write about at length: “What makes this game SPECIAL?”, in which we looked at a variety of games, such as Paper, Scissors, Rock, Tic-Tac-Toe, Tag, “Grounders”, and others to determine which Fallout Stats would be most critical while playing them, and how those stats would inform the strategies chosen. We also did a run of Paper, Scissors Rock after he described his strategy, and wrote down the results for future analysis. I think this vein of study is going to lead to some interesting work at formulating problem spaces and then generating optimal solutions for evolving strategies within that problem space. It sure would be swell if they taught THAT at school.

Totally inspired by both of today’s sessions, and can’t wait to dive into the homework that they’ve given me