In today’s first tutoring we worked on imperial measurements.

Then we continued our exploration of the “Mandela Effect”, talking about three different kinds of “many worlds” theories: The Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, the multi-dimensional attempts at a unified field theory, and David Lewis’ “Possible Worlds” of modal logic.

We then talked about the challenges we humans have trying to understand QM and similar things. I missed an excellent joke about the Quantum Hall Effect (where three quarks make up a particle, and you have to guess which one is the top quark, then one of the quarks that ISN’T a top quark is revealed, and you are asked if you want to stick with your original choice or change…)

We looked at Anselm’s proof of God, and talked about the challenges in maintaining a separation between Ontological and Epistemological worlds.

We talked about the human predilection for finding patterns, the challenges of signal-to noise, and a few examples including a range of conspiracy theories, “That Poppy”, number stations and more.

I showed a test project on signal to noise and pattern recognition that I did, and we discussed intentional vs. “accidental” patterns in signal, noise, pseudosignal and pseudonoise.

It was great fun.