In today’s first tutoring, we practiced appropriate use of various SI units.

Then we practiced taking sometimes messy declarations or arguments and turning them into premises (including hidden ones) and conclusion. Then we looked at how you assess each premise as a potential place of attack.

Then we dove into the Mandela Effect, looking at three “pro” arguments.

1) “Interview With A Vampire”

2) “Dolly” from Moonraker having braces

3) South America being further west.

We broke them down into premises & conclusions, then developed the overall format of many Mandela Effect arguments, namely:

P1) Lots of people remember X being like Y
P2) All or most records show that X was never like Y

C) Either memory or the world has been mysteriously partially altered.

We then included the two hidden premises:
P1a) People’s memory is extremely reliable
P1b) Records are extremely reliable

We discussed why often hidden premises are the ones where problems lie.

We also got into a great discussion on modal logic, and the difference between the relative distance between possible worlds from a linguistic / epistemic point of view and from a quantum mechanics / ontological point of view. And why we as a species are extremely bad at seeing that distinction and keeping it in mind.